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Yesterday I finished writing a post for a nonprofit that my friends runs. She connects young girls in the United States and other countries (in this case girls from Afghanistan). We read a book and write about our thoughts, answering questions and prompts along the way.

I would call it a book club, but it’s so much more than that. If anything, it’s a group of strong women that are bonding over a book and going beyond its ideas.

So to start off the first week, we introduced ourselves and shared our thoughts about several questions that were asked.


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As a young student I always considered writing to be something super fancy. I imagined advanced authors, who had studied literature for years, sitting in their offices and typing away at their computers. Maybe even a typewriter, if we were to look back long enough. It was never something that I associated with myself or that I would dream of considering myself an author in any way whatsoever.

I was just a student, right?

Nonetheless I’ve always had a soft spot for books, something that started early in school. …

Examining the culture behind elaborate weddings through the sociological theories: functionalism, conflict theory and symbolic interactionism.

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Weddings — we (usually) love them.

It’s a time to celebrate love and to have a great time. I mean what’s not to love about them?

Well, there’s the gigantic cost that is usually associated with them. But why is this? It’s certainly possible to have a small-scale wedding that is relatively inexpensive but nonetheless a fun wedding.

But society has shaped its own view about weddings. Much like other things, expensive = good.

So let’s talk about this by exploring the different sociological…

No regulation on capitalism and the economy — unless of course the elites are losing money.

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The recent events surrounding GameStop have provided yet another example of double standards within our society.

Capitalism is good. We should not regulate the economy. That’s what the invisible hand is for, is it not?

So then what happens when hedge fund investors begin losing billions of dollars? Well then of course we should take action.

And that’s exactly what investment apps such as Robinhood started doing. On Thursday the company announced restrictions would be placed on GameStop stocks. …

The Miss America Protest, nicknamed the Bra Burning Protest, was an important act of civil disobedience that helped to push the women’s rights movement into the spotlight of the country. Like the name suggests, women organized a protest to object the Miss America pageant that was very popular during that time. Unlike its nickname and common myth, there were no bras burned. Even after over 50 years, the Miss America Protest is still important to current political events and the women’s rights movement that has grown in recent years.

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On September 7th, 1968 the 42nd Miss American pageant took place…

During the Industrial Revolution in the United States, labor unions started to form. Their purpose was to protect the rights of workers, advocating for better wages and conditions. Before unions, workers had no one who represented them against the big industrial companies. Long hours, low wages, and horrific factory conditions were some of the most common concerns to unions. The lightbulb, an invention by Thomas Edison, was a significant factor in the rapid industrial growth. It allowed a factory to continue running even when it was dark out. This led to even longer working hours. These conditions, and the support…

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Energy flow charts, often called Sankey Diagrams, are an important resource in understanding how energy is utilized. When studying these charts for a number of years, they provide a way to compare and contrast how energy usage has changed over time. In order to compare the energy consumption from California and Missouri between 2010 and 2018, the energy flow charts from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory can be studied. Both of these states vary in their characteristics, but the flow charts all have a standard set of given information. The energy resources that are listed include solar, nuclear, hydroelectric, wind…

For years there has been an ongoing debate regarding the Electoral College and the role it plays in our elections. Although some actions have been taken to propose changes or remove the Electoral College from our elections, nothing has really changed. Every four years our country holds an election and votes for a president. During that time, arguments for or against the Electoral College are discussed but action is very rarely taken. It’s become somewhat of a norm to do this every four years without expecting much to change. The reality, however, is that the Electoral College does not allow…

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Our health is a key factor in our every-day lives, controlling our activities and what we are able to do. Radiologists act as one of the most important doctors in detecting diseases early on. Even though they are such crucial doctors, there is already a worldwide shortage. Not surprisingly, this is coincided with a substantial gap in the number of radiologists in developed and developing countries. As more technology to detect diseases is introduced into the field of medicine, will there even be a need for trained radiologists in the future? Advancements in recent years have created deep learning algorithm…

Clara Béla

Student, writer and artist.

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